Monday, June 21, 2010


UPDATE: mark another one of the list.

so here it is...ive actually had the list done for awhile, just kept forgetting to actually post it. i left a few blank incase i think of something during the year or someone gives me a really good idea. i have enough to complete the list but figured i would leave some room for additions/change.

also, the two that are "~confidential~" are that way because they involve me doing things for/with specific people, who may or may not see this list, but i want them to be a surprise.

1. take an over night canoe trip w/ friends.

2. substitute my bike for my car for at least 3 days.

3. take a trip to marfa w/ friends

4. march in a parade

5. dance w/ a stranger in a different state

6. ~confidential~

7. go cliff jumping in DC

8. go to a comedy club

9. kiss someone in the rain

10. take a trip to po monkeys w/ friends.

11. be involved in a block party

12. go to las vegas

13. meet taylor swift

14. paint a self portrait

15. randomly pay for a strangers meal/groceries

16. spend at least a weekend camping alone

17. play bingo at a bingo hall, & win

18. ~confidential~

19. be an extra in a film

20. go sailing

21. visit the birthplace or gravesite of a cultural icon





Wednesday, May 19, 2010

25 FOR 25.

im not going to make any excuses as to why i never post, nor am i gonna say that im gonna try and start posting more often. i have come to the conclusion that at least at this point in my life, i suck at blogging.

i am just posting this little note/blog on all my social mediums to try and get as much feedback as possible. soooo, read it, & then give me some ideas.



For anyone who doesn't know me that well, or just was unaware or doesn't care...I recently celebrated my 25th birthday on Sunday, May 16th.

In honor of turning 25, I want to make a list of 25 things I want to/should do before I'm 26.

I have a few ideas...but not 25. This is where you guys come in. I'm looking for ideas & suggestions. They can be anything...big or small, something you've done & enjoyed and think others should try, something you've always wanted to do or thought would be fun, somewhere interesting/fun/special/unique you've been, etc. ANYTHING!

When you guys give suggestions, if I see one I really like I will add it to my list until I have 25 things...then the fun begins.

I'm really stoked about this whole thing...about seeing what you guys suggest & about actually making the list & eventually doing & crossing things off the list.



(I have to give credit where it's due. I stole this idea from my good friend Julie Jones, I just customized it a bit. She really went for it & made a list of 100 or so. I'm gonna stick to 25.)

Friday, February 26, 2010

time to get back to doing what i do...

and man do i love doing it.

we are leaving in t-minus twenty minutes ago for a short little run with the band. going out for about ten days, mainly south east areas, im stoked. we havent been on tour since early december, and that is just too long. i will post the dates and cities below...not because im expecting it to bring out any extra people, seeing as how all of about 97% of my 11 (ten according the that one guy) readers are from texas. just letting you know where i will be spending my time.

we will see how the whole "im gonna post while im on the road to let you know whats going on" thing goes. in all honesty, i would say dont hold your breath...unless you have good lung capacity.

2/26 - Abilene, TX
2/27 - Oklahoma City, OK
2/28 - Little Rock, AK
3/01 - Memphis, TN
3/02 - St. Louis, MO
3/03 - Nashville, TN
3/04 - Athens, GA
3/05 - Atlanta, GA
3/06 - Mobile, AL
3/07 - Beaumont, TX


Monday, February 22, 2010

this will probably be short.

but i suppose a short post is better than no post, right?

i love music.
i would consider myself what some people may call a music lover.
i love listening to music,  of all kinds.
i love making music, of all kinds.
if music is good, it is good.

in the last month or so i have had the chance to record on
a hardcore project.,
a indie folk-ish project,
& a hip-hop project.
all of which i enjoyed immensely.
all of which are completely different, 
but all of which are good music.

i guess if i were going to make a point w/ this post it'd be...dont hate! (i guess thats kind of the point of my life and most things i say though) if you dont really like a certain type of music...that doesnt mean it sucks. im not saying there is no sucky music out there...because lord knows there is a lot. all im saying is...even if you hate a certain type of music,  you dont necessarily have to voice your opinion,  as if your opinion is the end all be all, superior music judging opinion.

a pet peeve of mine is when someone says they love music,  or are a music lover, or blah blah blah...when all it really means is they are a stuck up music nazi who thinks their band and only bands that are super under ground and not well known are good. seems to me like you really only love one type of music...and HATE all other kinds of MUSIC.

just remember, when you are putting a band, or an artist, or whatever down...there is a person or persons behind that music. it may be hard to believe, but they are just real ordinary people, doing what they love and expressing themselves how they feel comfortable...but they still have feelings, they are still human.

ummmm...stepping of soap box, didnt really mean to ever climb up on one...just wanted to post a blog for all my 11 devoted readers!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a year in photos.

so theres that saying about how pictures are better than words.
im gonna abide by that 
and give you a recap of the past year of my life,
using mostly pictures.

i moved out of this house.

in this city,
(abilene, tx)

and moved to this city
(austin, tx)

and into this house.

i made lots of wonderful new friends,

but kept the old ones around too, of course.

i gained a new family member,

(lil cuz josiah)

but again, of course i kept the old ones too.

my sister-in-law graduated from college,

so we went dancing.

i traveled around the country 
playing music with some of my best friends.
(the rocketboys & dignan)

(the rocketboys & dignan in boston)

(the rocketboys & ivoryline at cornerstone.)

(shirtless stage bomb for davey's (trumpet player) bday)

i slept on the side of the highway in ohio.

i spent a day on this boat in atlanta,

with these sweet people.

i ate crabs in maryland. 
(sooooo good)

friends got married.

and we celebrated.

i fulfilled a life-time goal by playing life-size chess.

i spent the fall/autmn season in the northeast/new england area.

it was beautiful.

i caught a fish in ohio at the ackerman farm.
(one of my fav places ever.)

i spent a lot of time on rooftops with friends.
(atlanta, ga)

(manhattan, ny)

i dressed up as "the dude" for a birthday party.

my band...

...released our debut full length album.

then we brought in this new year playing at this venue.
(the paramount in austin, tx)

and there you have it.

all in all i had a wonderful year.
i really have no complaints...and although these pictures dont capture it all,
they capture at least some of the highlights.

i love every person in everyone of these pictures.
you are who make my life amazing.
there are obviously others that i love that arent in this post,
all that tells me is i need to start doing a better job of taking pictures in 2010.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the downfall of blogging.


at least in my opinion.
or maybe just in my case.

i really do want to be one who "blogs", and blogs consistently and well. i have several friends and family members that write these long, what seem to be well thought out, blogs and it inspires me. i enjoy reading theirs...maybe they would enjoy reading mine. or maybe it would just be nice to get different feelings or opinions of mine written down/typed out somewhere.

so then, i get all stoked and pumped to write a this thing up and just stare at the screen, debating on what profound amazing things i could write about. more starring ensues. then distractions like youtube, facebook, email, hulu, myspace (who am i kidding, no one uses myspace anymore), and oh twitter. then i realize, or at least i convince myself, that i dont really have anything weighing on me, that i really need to get out and write about, that i cant say in 140 characters or less.

so i tweet.

who knows, maybe one day this well change. maybe like a lot of things the first step towards change, is admitting you have a problem.

hello, my name is josh campbell, and im a a twitter(er). eh?


Monday, January 25, 2010

i want to go swimming here.

who is going with me?

p.s. i have decided i will probably try to keep up with this blog and my tumblr...mainly based on the fact that most of my family, and several of my friends use blogspot.